Active Material recipe developed with 50 years of production experience.

  • Tetra Core Plate Technology
  • Massive cranking power abilities
  • Superior life cycle
  • Excellent structural stability
  • Perfect chemical composition

Lead wire composition is made according to customer request. Wire diameters can be supplied between 4mm and 16mm. The lead wire can be supplied on coils of desired size or as free spool winding.

Generally, the amount of lead wired on coil is 50-kg (110-lb) & 250-kg (551-lb), shipments made with 500-kg (1102-lb) lead on pallets are made by free spool winding.

Billet diameter is 76mm.
Length is 500mm (according to customer request, billets can be supplied between 15cm-1mt.)
Volume approx. 2.05 dm³
Weight approx. 25-kg (55.11-lb)
Can be supplied in different alloys and in different qualities according to the customer request.

Shots are supplied with the desired alloys (Sb) and specification upon the request of the customer. Packaging may vary according to customer request. The lead shot sizes supplied are as follows:

TWaterfowl12.0 grain s0.25.08
BBBBird10.2 grain s0.194.83
BBBird8.50 grain s0.184.57
BB(air gun)Bird8.10 grain s0.1774.5
BBird7.40 grain s0.174.32
#1Bird6.15 grain s0.164.06
#2Bird4.40 grain s0.153.81
#3Bird5.07 grain s0.143.56
#4Bird3.30 grain s0.133.3
#4 1/2Bird2.90 grain s0.1253.18
#5Bird2.60 grain s0.123.05
#6Bird2.00 grain s0.112.79
#7Bird1.50 grain s0.12.54
#7 1/2Bird/Clay1.29 grain s0.0952.41
#8Bird/Clay1.09 grain s0.092.29
#8 1/2Bird/Clay0.97 grain s0.0852.16
#9Bird/Clay0.75 grain s0.082.03

The Lead Ingots weigh 25-30Kg (55-66lb) and are supplied in the following dimensions.

Lead ingots produced in LME Standards are supplied in different specifications upon customer request.

Pure Lead99.985%
Antimony-Lead Pb Sb1-3% Sb
High-Antimony LeadPb Sb5-10% Sb
Tin-LeadPb Sn
Silver-LeadPb Ag
Calcium LeadPb Ca
Copper LeadPb Cu

Major Supplied Other Alloy Leads are;

Pb Sb Sn
Pb Sb Sn Ca
Pb Ca Al
Pb Sn Ca Ag Al

We guarantee that the desired quality leaded alloy will be supplied upon analysis and/or specification given by the customer.

Hardened with antimony or Tin actual weight. Corners and edges are round for comfort.

Long-lasting use
Pounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Kilos 0.45, 0.9, 1.36, 1.82 & 2.27,

Manufactured with high quality lead, the fishing weights are corrosion-free, non-aging, abrasion resistant, and durable for a long time use.

Pyramid Sinker

The Pyramid-shaped sinker is suitable for fishing in salty and fresh water. Thanks to its triangular shape the sinker descends to the bottom properly. When it rotates, it moves the ground at the bottom and attracts the attention of the fish. It supports fishing by taking the bait close to the fish that are hiding or resting at the bottom. Pyramid sinkers are offered in different weight variants for fish of different weights.

Pb Sb Sn
Pb Sb Sn Ca
Pb Ca Al
Pb Sn Ca Ag Al

Bell Sinker

Thanks to its quality and special shape, it helps you to achieve extraordinary performance on rocky surfaces. Due to its shape the sinkers movement under water is smooth and straight. It has a long and durable structure for a long-lasting use. The product is featured in various sizes and weight for catching fish in different weights.

Bank Sinker

Fishing with plastic baits has never been more enjoyable with the drop shot feature. Fish are caught easily by the bait swinging when the weight hits the bottom. The product is featured in various sizes and weight for catching fish in different weights.

Wide Bushing – Negative (-) & Positive (+)
Narrow Bushing – Negative (-) & Positive (+)
5/16 Stud Marine Type Terminal -Negative (-) & Positive (+)
Split Type Ring -Negative (-) & Positive (+)
Bci Type Post -Negative (-) & Positive (+)
Bci Positive Adaptor Negative (-) & Positive (+)
Bci 3/8 Stud Terminal

Uses of Red Lead:
• Ceramics
• Lead Acid Batteries
• Pigments
• Lead glass
• Fluorescent Tubes
• Heat Proof Glasses
• Optical Glasses
• Explosives Industries

Red Lead is supplied in accordance to customer specifications.
Standard quality specification is given below.

Red Lead RateMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
Pb3O4 Quantity (%)78.8492.55
Chemical PropertiesMinimum LimitMaximum Limit
Density (g/ml)8.89.0
Bulk Density (g/ml)1.31.9
Compressed Density (g/ml)3.13.8
Sieve Residue (%)-Maximum 0,1
Damp-Maximum %0,1
Other Impurities -Maximum 30 ppm
Silver (Ag) Maximum 10 ppm
Arsenic (As)Maximum 500 ppm
Bismuth (Bi)Maximum 15 ppm
Copper (Cu)Maximum 20 ppm
Iron (Fe)Maximum 20 ppm
Antimony (Sb)Maximum 10 ppm
Tin (Sn)Maximum 10 ppm
Zinc (Zn)Maximum 5 ppm
Nickel (Ni)Maximum 5 ppm
Tellurium (Te)Maximum 5 ppm
Cobalt (Co)
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